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Alco COVID Update

Alco is a machining company that works at a rapid pace to produce thousands of parts for essential businesses in industries such as safety, utility, energy, medical, hydraulic and oil and gas. That is why Alco was also categorized as an essential business that needed to remain open even at the outbreak of Covid in early 2020 - to serve our customers that operate businesses in essential industries.

At Alco, safety has always been our highest priority and we have been committed to the safety of all at our employees and visitors at our facilities. With Covid19, that posed a whole new set of challenges for us as we tried to navigate our way through staying open safely by putting new protocols in place with state and federal guidance to remain operational to serve our customers and their businesses.

At the incredible speed at which things changed, we continually adapted our operations and business to align with the ongoing priority of safety and the conditions that this global health crisis poses to all of us. We are taking appropriate and proactive actions to support our employees and our customers to keep everyone safe at this time.

We are actively following health authority guidelines and protocols to minimize risk of virus transmission, including frequent use of hand sanitizer, the practice of social distancing behaviors, and encouragement of frequent hand washing within all of our facilities. We are also actively using alternate communication technology such as email, video conferencing and conference calling to conduct normal business interactions.

ALCO is committed to serving our customers with excellence as best that we can as we all navigate this global health issue. If anything significant changes regarding our ability to continue to make product, ship orders, and meet your ongoing needs, we will proactively communicate immediately and work with you to develop alternatives and options, and generally to mitigate our mutual risk.


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