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Alco Lakeshore Awarded for Quality Excellence as Top Supplier for 2020 from Delta Faucets

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

(6/28/2021, Grand Haven, Michigan)- Supply chain executives from Delta visited the Alco Lakeshore facility in early June where they presented an award to the entire team at Alco Lakeshore, where many of their contract precision machined parts are produced. This award for quality came around the same time Delta awarded Alco with a new contract to produce over a million dollars of additional parts to support their growing business.

“I'm so pleased that our team has been recognized and awarded for quality of our machined products and for the services they continue to provide to one of our great customers, Delta Faucets,” said Matt Dietrich, CEO Alco Manufacturing, “2021 is our 50th year in the machining business and as we reflect back on what's made us successful, it's really the collaboration with our customers, building relationships and trust like we have with Delta.

“It was a real honor to know that this team is sending customers good product and the positive feedback and reassurance about our quality by winning this award from a global company like Delta, says a lot about our attention to detail and excellence we strive for throughout the numerous stages in our company quality process, said Alco Lakeshore Quality Manager, Carla Longmire.

Delta thanked employees for their strong support during a challenging and volatile year given the Covid 19 pandemic that saw demand for Kitchen and Bath plumbing products increase significantly. Through collaborative hard work and creativity with all Delta supply chain vendors, Delta said they maintained a dominant position within the US bath and kitchen market to maintain growth. An important contribution to that is great supply chain partners that the company is delighted to recognize each year. Alco was among 4 award-winning suppliers. The “Excellence in Quality award” was awarded to Alco Lakeshore for exceptional performance limiting non-conformance material or RPPm’s, responsiveness and structure, problem solving, and identification with a quick resolution.

The Alco- Delta relationship has other projects in the pipeline and the team that works on this account was overjoyed to be recognized by this global leader in plumbing fixtures. As a leading domestic supplier, Alco is well-positioned to assist customers in closing these gaps with competitively priced, high quality solutions in all areas of precision machining and turned part requirements not only for the faucet market but for a diverse range of industries.


Alco Manufacturing is a leader in high-volume manufacturing of precision-machined parts made from steel, brass, and aluminum. Fair prices, expedient quotes, responsive service, high quality and on-time delivery are synonymous with the Alco brand name. Alco celebrates 50 years of excellence in 2021.

For more information, or to inquire about forming a strategic partnership, please contact Alco Manufacturing at (440) 458-5165 Connect on Linkedin


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