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Alco Manufacturing is the premier domestic supplier of machined garden hose fittings

Alco Manufacturing is the premier domestic supplier of machined garden hose fittings

Yahoo, Popular Mechanics, social media personalities, and influential home improvement gurus like Bob Vila are among those calling the expandable garden hose “one of the must-have lawncare items of 2021”….but can garden hose manufacturers keep up with the increased demand?

Home ownership among social media users and online shoppers ages 24-39 is at historically high levels, and with lawn care and gardening season in full swing consumers are driving demand for these products sky-high with reviews and ratings on platforms such as Amazon and YouTube. User reviews tend to be among the most trusted sources of information about a product or service, and today’s consumers are more informed and selective than ever. This consumer behavior is driving product and market changes like never before, and innovative manufacturers that are able to adapt to customer needs at the speed of business while meeting demand requirements are standing out from the crowd.

Alco Manufacturing has decades of experience helping our garden hose manufacturing customers “stand out from the crowd”. As a leading domestic supplier of machined brass fittings and components for garden hose and lawncare product manufacturers, we know what it takes to deliver a superior-quality product to market. It starts with our expertise in high-quality production and timely delivery of some of the most important components of a garden hose: the fittings and connectors that, when coupled with an innovative product like an expanding kink-free hose, result in a product that excites people enough to leave positive reviews and ratings, become brand ambassadors, and generate priceless goodwill and consumer loyalty for your brand. No one likes a leaky, low-quality hose connection!

Alco can assist in the development and production of the highest quality male and female connections, on/off valves, nozzle parts, and more!

We use only the highest grades of material in our machined garden hose components, such as:

· Brass

· Lead-free ecoBrassConnections

· Aluminum

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified high-volume manufacturer Alco incorporates best practices for lean manufacturing to optimize our processes, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. Our state-of-the art machining processes coupled with our large-scale material buying power allows us to offer competitive pricing with the customer service, responsiveness, and benefits you would expect from a leading domestic supplier.

Alco Manufacturing is the premier domestic supplier of machined garden hose fittings, and with five facilities strategically located in the Great Lakes region you can be sure we have the ability to meet your volume and quality requirements in a timely fashion.

If you are a garden hose or lawncare product manufacturer in need of a reliable, low-cost partner to supply high quality machined fittings at a fair price, or are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand, look no further. Give Alco a chance to earn your business and show why we are the trusted source of machined garden hose fittings for many of the world’s leading garden hose manufacturers!


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